A solution that works for you, from a partner who understands you

For state and local governments, enterprise resource planning (ERP) transformation programs must address?more than technology.?They must also simplify processes and transform the user experience to maximize the value of an ERP to drive innovation and create value for citizens. But balancing investments in legacy systems replacement with solutions that digitally transform your operation―at a pace that is manageable, affordable and minimizes risk―is challenging.

CGI solves the challenge

CGI Advantage transforms how your employees and stakeholders leverage enterprise resource planning. We’ve built in best practices from four decades of experience in implementing enterprise-level, mission-critical systems, to deliver a solution that simplifies your business processes and creates value for your stakeholders.

CGI Advantage provides a transformative user experience that is:

  • User friendly and intuitive – resulting in increased productivity and a greater return on investment
  • Smart – providing embedded analytics so users can make the right decisions faster
  • Unified – promoting seamless access across core ERP components facilitating audits utilizing a single source
  • Flexible – offering a configurable role-based user experience that streamlines engagement tailored to the individual
  • Powerful – supporting complex payroll and labor cost distribution mandates
  • Secure – working closely with international security associations and standards bodies to deliver?security that is baked in, not bolted on
  • Compliant – meeting federal government requirements for compliance mandates

With integrated functionality, workflow and configurable processes, CGI Advantage ERP is the total package:

  • Financial management to provide organization-wide accountability through consistent accounting rules across all financial transactions, to track and control internal and external funding sources and fiscal and multi-year budgets
  • Human resource management to streamline the HR and payroll process from hire to retire, including employee onboarding, timekeeping, payroll and direct access for employees to manage benefits and leave
  • Performance budgeting to automate the budgeting process for better planning to improve financial and operational performance and critical decision-making for day-to-day efficiency and long term forecasting
  • Procurement to streamline the procurement lifecycle and build vendor relationships using government-specific functionality, online tools, and best practices for efficient purchasing and effective spending
  • Case management to automate and transform processes for creating and managing cases to provide workflow automation, collaboration and risk and performance reporting capabilities bundled together in a business administration engine
  • Obligation recovery to automate correspondence, liens, garnishments and judgments and consolidate all types of debts to increase revenues without raising taxes
  • Business intelligence to quickly unlock data for more effective decisions and increased measurement of key performance indicators through sophisticated reporting, ad hoc query and visual, interactive dashboards
  • Security & compliance to ensure your system benefits from CGI’s standard and rigorous security auditing which lowers risks and promotes forward-looking compliance

As a consulting and IT services firm, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. CGI’s flexible delivery options allow you to choose the way in which you transform your business, based on your budget, risk profile and timeframe.

CGI Advantage is a solution that works for you, so you can get back to the business of government. To learn more, contact us at cgiadvantage@cgi.com or 1-800-321-0267.